WORLD War 2 and Ireland History Talks are new and exciting interactive History resources available to Historical Societies throughout Ireland. We travel to your chosen venue where, in the course of our presentation, we focus on the period prior to the start of World War 2 right through to the aftermath of the dropping of the atomic bombs on Japan. Significantly, our presentation focuses on everyday life in Ireland during the period of the years that were known here as ‘The Emergency’.

We also examine the huge impact WW2 had across the border in Northern Ireland and focus on many of the Irish born people, from both north and south, who were directly or indirectly involved. We also look at the many everyday inventions we use today which arose directly out of necessity during World War 2 – some of which might just surprise you.

Uniquely, the presentation and exhibition are enhanced throughout by the display and circulation amongst your members of a wide range of authentic museum quality period artifacts including uniforms, battlefield artifacts, period publications as well as viewing actual Allied and German WW2 weapons (Fully deactivated and safe) – touching history in every sense of the word and providing your members with amazing and unique historical primary sources. Detailed information is provided throughout and a question and answer session takes place at the end of the presentation.